Monday, February 16, 2009

Brett Favre-

Well once again, Brett Favre called it a career after 18 seasons in the NFL. Although Brett brought much excitement to the New York Jets this year, he will always be remembered as a Green Bay Packer. Brett will walk away owning every major NFL record from passing yardage and touchdowns to games won and consecutive games started. He was an instrumental part in turning the much ridiculed Packers into a perennial premiere NFL team.

He will be missed on Sundays, but not forgotten. We have a large selection of Brett Favre Packer books and DVD’s. One of our newest items is a set of DVDs of the Green Bay Packers greatest games selected by the fans. This is a complete television broadcast of nine of Brett Favre’s unforgettable moments in Green Bay. From the unforgettable Monday night classic in Oakland to the snow globe game last year. These broadcasts are an essential piece of Packers history.

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