Wednesday, December 19, 2012

65 Years Ago- Howdy Doody Time

“Say Kids! What time is it?” Do you remember the first popular children’s show, which was brought to TV by Buffalo Bob Smith, and was one of the first regular NBC shows to be shown in color? Sixty-five years ago on December 27, 1947, “Howdy Doody” premiered. The show was set in the circus town of Doody-ville, populated by people and puppets. The “Peanut Gallery” was bleachers filled with children that participated in activities such as songs and stories. There were characters like Clarabelle (played by Captain Kangaroo’s Bob Keeshan), storekeeper Cornelius Cobb, Ugly Sam and others.  They even showed the filmed adventures of Gumby. You can relive some special moments in television history or your childhood, with “Howdy and Me” as Buffalo Bob Smith tells his story. You can also watch season two of “Happy Days” where Ritchie Cunningham gets to interview Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody for his school newspaper and gets an exclusive picture of Clarabelle without makeup. We have some of the episodes on DVD in our collection.

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