Monday, July 9, 2012

Peggy Parish 85

Can you imagine that a group of students was the inspiration for a series of books? Such was the case with Margaret “Peggy” Parish’s third-grade class. An avid reader and writer, Parish was born on July 14, 1927 (eighty-five years ago), earned a degree in English and became a third-grade teacher at the Dalton School in Manhattan. Having a great sense of humor, she was amused when students would take things literally. Subsequently in 1963, she created Amelia Bedelia, a maid who takes things too literally, causing problems and sometimes chaos. In the end, everything works out, usually with a great laugh by all.  In her last book “Amelia Bedelia’s Family Album”, Amelia shows her employers, the Rogers, a scrapbook of her family members. Nephew Herman Parish has kept the Amelia stories going since her death in 1988.  We have many of their books at the library.

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