Monday, September 12, 2011

American Girl-25

Our lobby display case is celebrating the 25th birthday of American Girls, which made its debut on September 15, 1986 with three dolls: Samantha, Kirsten and Molly. They were born as a series of books, dolls, clothes and accessories centered on nine-year old fictional characters from different times in history. Since then, 132 million American Girl books and 18 million dolls have been sold. Over the past 25 years, the company has grown to include more historical characters, as well as baby dolls and a line of modern-day girl dolls. The original American Girl books told historical tales through the eyes of one child. Molly for instance is growing up in World War II (Meet Molly: An American Girl) while Addy is a slave during the Civil War (Meet Addy: An American Girl). Each of these nine-year old fictional heroines live during important times in America’s past, providing “girl-sized” views of significant events that shape our country. They have brought history alive for millions of children.

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