Monday, November 1, 2010

Key Ingredients in Reedsburg

In Wisconsin- with its farmer’s markets, community gardens, sustainable food blogs, and even "Eat Local Challenges"—food has become something of a favorite pastime. Check out a special article on that looks at 'Key Ingredients: America by Food,' a Smithsonian-produced exhibit touring six Wisconsin communities through a partnership with the Humanities Council. The exhibit, which was launched last week in Reedsburg, examines how habitats shape eating habits; how farming methods, family recipes and notions of hospitality reflect culture; how technological advancements influence American kitchens; and how food might help us find common ground. Also on the day trip section is John Ivanko’s day trip to Reedsburg and how you can make it complement of your Key Ingredients experience here in Reedsburg.

Throughout historic downtown Reedsburg the storefront windows are filled with colorful red and white-checkered fabric (gingham). This is a guide to mini-exhibits related to Key Ingredients and we are one of those. Our display is filled with cookbooks on loan from members of Wisconsin Homemakers Association. Our display features books like one from the1800s written in German and our library copy of Dawn Wells “Mary Ann Gilligan Island Cookbook”. Cookbooks often shed light on the ordinary lives of women. As women traditionally did most of the home’s cooking. Recipes show the preparation methods common in historical times. Also many books include directions for household activities beyond the preparation of meals.

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