Monday, April 26, 2010

More about our Survey

We have the results from our Library Survey posted at the library and on our web site. Thank you to everyone that filled out our survey, for helping us in creating our strategic plan for the next several years. The survey included comments on a number of issues, from staff assistance to collection development and more. One of the concerns was that we have items that patrons or customers don’t know how to find, an example was new DVD’s. So here’s the scoop: There is already a long long waiting or “holds” list on new DVD’s and best seller books before they are released. If you want to get on the waiting or “holds” list you can do that yourself by placing a hold in the online catalog or if you ask a staff member they will be glad to assist you. Holds can be placed as soon as the item appears in LINKcat, which is long before it’s release. (We don’t have any secret collections here in Reedsburg they are all linked and available.) Another suggestion is to watch our new “Free Rental” cart to see what is available there. We have new DVD’s and best seller books that you might not have to wait so long to read or watch.

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