Monday, February 15, 2010

Harvey Baumgartner

Mark your calendar for Thursday, Feb 25th at 7 PM as author Harvey Baumgartner will be joining us at the library. Harvey lives in the Elroy-Hillsboro area and is an adventurer, philosopher and author. He will present living off the earth, his way of life, as described in his book “Dancing in the Dew, A New Way of Living on Planet Earth”.

This book is a journal that describes in detail the materials used to construct and survive in his sod house as well as the dream that inspired its creation. Writing by candlelight in three-ring spiral notebooks after each day’s construction, Harvey also recorded authentic accounts of his Western experiences as a cowboy, mule packer and mountain man. He takes readers with him and his family on cross-country trips by horseback and covered wagon and inside a Lakota naming ceremony. This book has a message for all: Regardless of economic conditions, life can be good and full of joy. Mr. Baumgartner will read excerpts and discuss ideas in his book with participants. He will answer your questions about his sod home lifestyle: How is it made? How to do you live without electricity and plumbing? What do you do out there? What brought you to that wind-swept hilltop? Copies will be available for sale and we have a copy in our collection for checkout.

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