Monday, February 22, 2010

30 yrs ago- Miracle on Ice

Thirty-years ago on February 22, 1980 an United States team made of amateur and collegiate hockey players led by coach Herb Brooks, defeated the Soviet team which was considered the best hockey team in the world. The United States went on to win the gold medal by winning their final match over Finland. Now during the Olympics this would be a great time to watch the 2004 motion picture “Miracle”. The film tells the most thrilling tales in sports history of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. “Miracle” is inspirational and uplifting, qualities we are as much in need of today as we were during the winter of 1980.

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Thirty years later, it’s amazing how hockey’s perception has changed in the United States. The sport is now played in all climates, not just cold ones. The NHL has franchises in Florida, Texas, and Arizona, while minor league teams play in other states that no one would have ever imagined hockey games to take place. The Miracle on Ice victory over the Soviet Union was huge, and changed hockey forever in America.