Monday, August 31, 2009

Brett Favre

Well once again Brett Favre took over the news of the last few weeks, love him or hate him we will always remember his years in Green Bay. He was an instrumental part in turning the much-ridiculed Packers into a perennial premiere NFL team. We have a large selection of Brett Favre Packer books and DVD’s. His best selling book from 2004 “Favre” recounts that December night when Brett lost his father and took the field on Monday night in Oakland, CA. Mark McHale a coach at Southern Mississippi wrote the book “10 to 4: the Brett Favre journey from Rotten Bayou to the Top of the NFL”. This book is a powerful story of how the persistence of this young assistant coach enabled a raw, but gifted youngster to prove himself at college football’s highest level and lay the foundation for becoming one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. One of our newest books is “Letters to Brett Favre” by Thomas Hapka, a fan tribute of an accumulation of letters written to Brett upon his first retirement.

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poker rakeback said...

Brett Favre was the face of the NFL for years, and I think this year will be his swan song as he rides off into the sunset with another Super Bowl.