Sunday, March 29, 2009

Three Mile Island- 30th Anniversary

March 28, 1979- A series of accidents beginning at 4am est at Three Mile Island on the Susquehanna River about 10 miles southeast of Harrisburg, PA, was responsible for extensive reevaluation of the safety of existing nuclear power generating operations. Equipment and other failures reportedly brought Three Mile Island close to a meltdown of the uranium core, threatening extensive radiation contamination.

Learn more with "A Race Against Nuclear Disaster at Three Mile Island" by Wilborn Hampton

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Anonymous said...

I was told in 1974 that there would be an accident at 3 mile island by a displeased pipefitter who worked at the plant. He stated he would deny what he said if ever asked, but he loved my family and wanted me to move somewhere west where my loved ones could be protected. The union negotiating with GPU at the time was very upset that they were not negotiating in good faith with the union members. So, some of the members of the pipefitters union sabotaged TMI long before it went on line. The person telling me this was a great guy with a great family, however he was into his beers that day and I did not believe him. He moved to Calispel, MT, I stayed, and in fact bought a farmette 2 1/2 miles from TMI. Go figure how much I believed him, and truly should have at the time. What you had in 1979 was not an accident, and the authorities know it at this time. They just do not want the public knowing and worrying about it as well since part of the plant is still running at the risk of the local residents. Best wishes in finding the truth about TMI....