Thursday, May 8, 2008

Harry S. Truman Birthday

This building is the Harry S. Truman Birthplace Lamar, MO
which is operated by the Division of Parks, State of Missouri.

i visited this site last spring, its 2 miles east of US Hwy 71.- Ryan

Today is Harry S. Truman Birthday ! He was born in the downstairs, southwest bedroom of the house in 1884. The room measures only 6 feet 6 inches by 10 feet 9 inches.

The small, white, frame house, 20 by 28 feet, has six rooms - four downstairs and two upstairs. When it was occupied by the Trumans, the home had no electricity, basement, running water, storage attic, clothes closets or bathroom. Beside the house is a woodshed, or smokehouse, and a hand-dug, 36-foot deep cistern. In the back is a privy.

Learn more about President Truman, his daughters biography of him is
located at 921 Truman

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