Monday, June 2, 2014

50 Years Ago: Viva Las Vegas

Fifty years ago Elvis Presley’s smash-hit movie co-starring Ann Margret was becoming one of his highest grossing films ever.  “Viva Las Vegas” premiered at #14 at the box office, but by the end of 1964, the movie climbed to #11, outranking The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night”.  In what has now become the unofficial anthem of Sin City, our DVD collection includes this film.  For more glamour and bright city lights check out a copy of CSI or read Fern Michaels’ “Vegas Rich” or Marlys Millhiser’s “Nobody Dies In a Casino.” We have many travel books to help you plan your time to stroll beneath the world’s most dazzling neon lights and discover which buffet lines are worth the wait. Are you feeling lucky? We have a dealer’s choice of books for the traveler, or armchair gambler that are sure to be winners.

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