Monday, February 22, 2010

Werner Raetzmann

We have just added the films “Trail of Vengeance” and “Rainbow’s End” two classic “B” western films of the 30s. Throughout the 30s the snide, snarling presence of Warner Richmond elicited instantaneous boos from front row kids. He was a busy B-western villain, starring with such western heroes as Tex Ritter, Gene Autry and Hoot Gibson.
Did you know he grew up here in Reedsburg? Werner Paul Raetzmann was one of seven children born to a German-born father and Wisconsin-born mother. His father William Raetzmann was a printer and his mother Emilie (Amelia) Licht raised her family of eight children. (Some reports show that he was born in Racine, Wisconsin but that is in error as his family was living in Reedsburg. The 1880, 1900 and 1910 census records all show the family, including Werner living in Reedsburg, where his brothers and sisters were born. )

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Jim Clark said...

Thank you for the post, this helped connect some "dots". Werner/Warner was my great grandmother's (Meta) brother.