Monday, April 28, 2014

May Day- Mayberry

Celebrate May Day with Mayberry and the Andy Griffith Show, a time to visit the sleepy North Carolina town at the center of the 1960’s comedy. Relive your memories of Andy, Barney, Aunt Bee and the rest. Stop by the library and pick up a copy of Aunt Bee’s Cookbook or an episode on video or DVD. Did you know that The Andy Griffith Show ranked among the top ten television shows in the nation during each of its eight original prime time seasons? And even more astounding, ever since the original run ended in 1968, the show has been seen literally every day on televisions in this country as well as throughout the world! Mayberry represents a kind of idealized view of what America was. It contains such heart, such a sense of community, and it reminds us of what Andy said to Opie when he was leaving town during the 1986 reunion movie, “There’s something about Mayberry and Mayberry folk that never leaves you. No matter where life takes you. You always carry in your heart the memories of old times and old friends”.

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