Monday, February 3, 2014

Digital Books Increase

Within the last year our library has seen a marked increase in the use of digital books. Why would you want to get books this way?

* Makes traveling easy with only one device to carry with you. (Many eReaders are capable of holding over 1,000 digital books)

* Allows you to get library books without leaving your home.

* You can have up to 10 eBooks checked out at one time and up to 10 holds.

* Easier to hold and not as heavy as a book.

* eReaders have a way to make the print larger, allowing patrons with low vision access to books that may not be available in large print.

* Your device may also allow you to borrow and listen to audio- books.
* If a title doesn’t have any holds, you will be given an option to renew it.


Other things to consider: Most devices require a wi-fi connection; some devices require using a computer with Internet connection; learning to use your device will take time and maybe outside help; not all the books that are available in print are available as eBooks.


Why do I have to place a hold and wait for a copy if it is digital? The Wisconsin Digital Library (which all Wisconsin libraries contribute towards) has to purchase a license for each copy. You are sharing the Wisconsin Digital Library with everyone in the state who wants to borrow eBooks.


If you have made the decision to purchase an eReader, Android tablet (various brands) or iPad and need help, we are having “Tech Time” sessions with Maureen on Thursdays, February 13, 20 & 27th from 2-3 PM.  This will be a good opportunity to help you get started with your eReaders, Tablets, iPads and more.  If the Thursday afternoon time slot doesn’t work for you, call the library (768-7323) and schedule an appointment for one-on-one assistance.

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