Monday, December 2, 2013

what type of ereader should I get

One question you may have already heard is, "what type of ereader should I get?"

Unfortunately, there is no single answer that's right for everyone. Ereaders are personal choices, and different ereaders can be better or worse for different types of tasks. So where can you start...?

CNET - articles and reviews
This CNET article is a nice place to begin. It compares ereaders and reviews some of the main differences in features between ereaders (reader vs. tablet, size of screen and weight, e-ink or color LCD, wireless options, apps vs. hardware, and whether you can check out e-books from the library). It is an excellent way to become familiar with some of the features and choices available, and the article contains lots of links to product reviews (which contain not only the CNET Editors' Rating, but in many cases also include User Ratings).

Comparison chart and reviews
Want a big chart that compares popular ereaders? The 2014 Best eBook Reader Comparisons and Reviews lists 12 ereaders and compares their features... everything from ratings on design and memory/battery life to details on size, weight, screen type, document formats, and more! There is also an "ereader configurator" option when you first arrive at the site which asks you questions and recommends some popular ereaders based on your answers.

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Anita said...

I am very happy with my original Kindle, no additions. No sound, just reading. No internet, just reading. That's why I like my simple, original Kindle. I did purchase a cover which includes a light and that's invaluable, I can read in bed!