Saturday, October 26, 2013

Apple Time

There is no better way to enjoy a crisp fall day than by biting into a tree-ripened apple, fresh from the orchard.  Are you wondering what to do with one of the ten or fifty-nine varieties of apples there are? We have just added Amy Pennington’s book “Apples: From Harvest to Table” to our collection. This book is a wonderful collection of over fifty seasonal, easy-to-follow recipes for all kinds of delicious apple-based treats. We also have the bestselling “Apple Lover’s Cookbook” by Amy Traverso, which is filled with recipes both sweet, like Apple Stuffed Biscuit Buns and Blue Ribbon Deep Dish Apple Pie, and savory, like Cider-Brined Turkey and Apple Squash Gratin.  Traverso offers a full color guide to fifty-nine apple varieties with descriptions of their flavor, history and how to use them in the kitchen. This book is the ultimate apple companion. If you can’t make it to the orchard, we have a DVD that includes a road trip to Oak Glen, California. Huell Howser is your host during apple season in the mountains, sixty miles east of Los Angeles, where he takes part in a popular fall tradition.  From personal account, this area is beautiful, with scenery more like New England than California and it’s always ten to fifteen degrees cooler there than it is in the valleys.

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