Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday

We are celebrating the birthdays of three authors at the library this week:

Bob Woodward, assistant managing editor of the Washington Post, celebrated his 70th birthday on March 26. He was an investigative reporter for The Washington Post and helped uncover the Watergate scandal that led to President Richard Nixon's resignation, in the seventies. Woodward has written sixteen books, twelve of which have been number one bestsellers. That is more than any other contemporary American writer. Copies of his books are all available at the library.


Have you heard of the children’s series with Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, featuring characters that parents turned to when their children’s behavior was out of control?  Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle was famous for her “Won’t Pick Up the Toys Cure” and “Answer- Backers Cure”.  Author Betty MacDonald was born 105 years ago on March 26, 1908. She was born as Anne Elizabeth Campbell Bard in Boulder, Colorado, and she died in 1958 at Carmel Valley, California. In 2007, Betty MacDonald's daughter, Anne MacDonald Canham, published a new book, “Happy Birthday, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle”, based in part on stories created by her mother, plus her own creative tales. The book is attributed to both mother and daughter.  The Mrs Piggle-Wiggle books are great read-aloud books with your children.


Former Vice President Al Gore was born sixty-five years ago on March 31, 1948. Winner of the popular vote in 2000, now known as a prominent environmental activist, he was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Gore is the author of many books including “Earth in the Balance” and “An Inconvenient Truth”, based on his academy award-winning documentary. We have many of his books including his new book “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change”.

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