Monday, February 11, 2013

Library Value Calculator


Here’s a question. You probably already know that using the library saves you money. Would you like to know how much? There’s a tool on our website that helps you to calculate how much money the Reedsburg Public Library saves you, based on how much you use our services. It’s called the Library Value Calculator. Today the average paperback costs around $8, and hardcover books come in at a whopping average of $27. It’s true that e-books are a bit cheaper, but the average e-book is still $10-$15. Watch movies? Even if you pay as little as a dollar for a movie from one of those boxes, one movie a week is $4 a month, and if you’ve got kids you probably watch more than one a week! Even the average magazine is over $5 these days. Use the calculator to see what you could be saving at the library and then come in and see what we have to offer. Public libraries are a great deal. And the more you use them, the better the deal gets. February is Library Lovers Month; use your library to show your love.

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