Monday, September 17, 2012

Author Program

WALKING TOGETHER - A Mother-Daughter Walk Through Aging and Alzheimer's A Personal Memoir

Tuesday, September 18 @ 7 PM:

Author Elizabeth Pannier

The book is a poignant memoir of the author, Elizabeth Pannier's, walk with her Mother as she was aging and experiencing the eventual shading of memory through dementias and Alzheimer's. It is a love poem to her mother and a helpful book for those who are thoughtful of this process in life. It is the story of what the author and her mother learned together while walking through the final eight years of her life, the deep love they shared and the help they received from family and friends. Her mother lived with Elizabeth's family for nearly a decade before they needed to seek a nursing home to assist with her care at age 92. As she was very loved in the family and a viable laughing Grandmother, the move was a deeply heart-felt change.

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