Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Hundred Years Ago

Reedsburg Times Dec 22, 1911

Reedsburg's Handsome New Public Library will be opened January 1, 1912

Reedsburg's handsome new public library is now completed and the dedication will take place on January first. The building will be opened on that day and visitors welcomed. During the afternoon the Library Board will hold a public reception, heartily welcoming friends and patrons of the library. During the evening a rather more formal program will be given, the board having secured a number of interesting features for this dedication service.

Town of Reedsburg Will Enjoy City Library

Reedsburg Times- Dec 22, 1911

The town of Reedsburg has accepted the proposition of the Library Board giving the residents of the town an opportunity to enjoy all library privileges. The town will pay to the city thirty dollars a year for this concession. This move is in accordance with a state law allowing a town to give such library allowance and the appropriation will be included in the tax roll. Heretofore each individual outside the city has paid for his library card, the new method of serving our outside patrons having been recently devised. We are pleased to know that the town has so quickly decided to give their people the advantages of this library service.

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