Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finding Free ebooks-

Day 8: Finding free ebooks

Are you an adventurous reader? Is "Frugal" your middle name? Is your appetite for ebooks so great that you always have the maximum number of titles checked out from OverDrive and still want more? We've collected together some sources for free ebooks for you.

Classics: Most classic (public domain) ebooks are stored by Project Gutenberg and a few other sources, but many other sites make the same titles available. They may offer enhanced browsing/searching interfaces or add value with summaries, excerpts, and reader reviews.
Project Gutenberg
OverDrive's "Always Available" Additional eBooks (from Project Gutenberg) (better-formatted EPUB versions of Project Gutenberg titles) (mainly Project Gutenberg titles)
Internet Archive Ebook and Texts Archive and Open Library
Google eBookstore

Small/Independent Publishers and Self-Published Authors: You won't find current bestsellers here, but there's a chance you might stumble on something new and wonderful. (Your mileage may vary!) (available formats vary) (free TXT & PDF ebooks; membership fee for EPUB ebooks)
Smashwords (mix of free and for-purchase ebooks)
Baen Free Library (selected sci-fi titles from Baen Books)
Feedbooks (mix of free and for-purchase ebooks -- "Original Books" seem to be new Creative Commons-licensed titles)

Free titles from Ebook Vendors: An account, device, or specific app may be required to use these titles.
Free NOOK Books (from Barnes & Noble)
Free Book Collections for Kindle (from Amazon) and Free Books for Your Kindle (from eReaderIQ) and Free Kindle Books (from iReaderReview)
Free Ebooks (from Kobo)
Free Ebooks (from Sony's Reader Store)

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