Thursday, October 27, 2011

Google Tips

Google Tips

Here are some of the more commonly used shortcuts for Google. Some you may not know.-

Specific Search: Using quotation marks around a phrase or a certain person’s name will help you find a verbatim phrase and eliminate irrelevant links. Example: “Crap I’ve Made”- Specific File Type:

If you include a specific file type in your search Google will return only documents in the relevant file (for Excel use filetype:xls, for PowerPoint use filetype:ppt, etc.) Example: cupcake toppers

filetype:PDF.- Better Than and Reminds Me Of: Want to find a better, new way of doing things try using Better Than or Reminds Me of. Simply Google your phrase within quotations. Example: “Better than Stumbleupon” or “Reminds me of Coldplay”-

World Time: Get local time anywhere. Enter the city and the word time. Example: Anchorage time--- Perform Calculations: Want to perform a calculation? Just enter it into the search field. Example: Want to know what 15% off the full price is? Type 35 x .15

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