Monday, September 26, 2011

Antiques/Collectible Appraisal Event

Who hasn’t watched PBS’ Antiques Roadshow with interest…or envy…and thought about Aunt Millie’s old sugar/creamer set or those old decoys sitting on the shelf in the garage? Could they really be worth something, aside from sentimental value? The Reedsburg Public Library offers you an opportunity to find out! On Sunday, October 2nd from 11 AM-2 PM join us for an antiques and collectible appraisal event. Featuring author and antiques expert Mark Moran, who has served as a guest expert on Antiques Roadshow. If you would like to have one of your antiques or collectibles appraised please make a reservation by calling 768-READ (7323). There is a fee of $15 per item appraised with proceeds going to the library or be part of the audience for FREE.

Categories included for appraisal:

Fine art, including paintings, drawings, prints and statuary.

Furniture (usually smaller pieces are best)

Ceramics, including figural pottery, vases, dishes, kitchenware and stoneware.

Glassware, including lighting, marbles and souvenir items.

Vintage photographs, including tintypes, ambrotypes and daguerreotypes.

Advertising, including posters, lithographed tin, paper and figural objects.

Folk art, including carvings, quilts, weathervanes, windmill weights and "outsider" art.

Assorted toys, including dolls (bisque, composition and plastic), windups and mechanical banks. Metalware, including iron, bronze, brass, pot metal, silver, silver plate.

Clocks, including mantel, hanging and figural.

Costume jewelry, including brooches, bracelets, and earrings.

Categories excluded from appraisal: All weapons, including swords and knives. Fine jewelry, including precious gems, pocket and wristwatches. Musical instruments, including violins and wind/reed instruments.

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