Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NFL Season 2011 Kick Off

The New Orleans Saints go marching into Lambeau Field on Thursday, Sept 8th to kick off the NFL season with a meeting between the last two Super Bowl champions. Check out our display of books about the Saints and the Green Bay Packers. We have Sean Payton’s book “Home Team” which is an inspirational story of a city recovering from disaster and team with a history of heart-break, seen through the eyes of the coach who taught them both how to win. For the Packers fan we have been adding new materials to relive the glory of the past season. “Green, Gold & Glorious” by the Green Bay Press-Gazette commemorates the season with stories and great photos from early season momentum to complete courage of Super Bowl XLV. We have other books and the Super Bowl XLV champion’s DVD.

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