Monday, August 29, 2011

Buddy Holly 75

Seventy-five years ago on September 7, 1936 Charles Hardin Holley was born in Texas, known professionally as Buddy Holly, a pioneer of rock and roll. Although his success lasted only a year and a half, he has been described as the single most influential creative force in early rock and roll. With a backup band called The Crickets, Holly wrote hits like the chart topping “That’ll be the Day” and “Peggy Sue”. We have a few Buddy Holly albums in our music collection as well as books about him and “the day the music died”. Did you know on his final tour that Waylon Jennings, Buddy Holly’s bassist and future country star, at the last minute gave up his seat to the Big Bopper who was suffering with flu? Also that Bobby Vee then aged 15 replaced Buddy at the next stop in North Dakota. His performance was a success, setting in motion a chain of events that made Vee’s career as a popular singer.

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