Thursday, March 31, 2011

New LINKcat

A New LINKcat Is Coming!

In April, our libraries will be transitioning to new software. From April 14 (9 pm) to the morning of April 18, LINKcat and our automated checkout system will not be available.

  • What does this mean for you?

  • During our down time, you WILL be able to: Check out with your library card Pick up your holds

  • During our down time, you WILL NOT be able to: Check out without your library card Pick up holds for other family members, unless you have their cards Place new holds, search LINKcat, or access your account online or with Telecirc Pay fines

  • Additional down time information: Items WILL NOT be due Holds awaiting pick up WILL NOT expire Staff WILL NOT have access to your account to provide you with any information

  • How can you help us? If at all possible, WAIT to return items until the new system is operating Be patient with us while we learn the new software

  • Why the Change? The software we are using is old and outdated. Our new software will allow us to make changes and offer features that the old software could not support. It will also provide access to the catalog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Features of the new catalog You can choose to save a history of everything you read Improved search Ability to create multiple, unlimited, private lists Customer information (profile, holds, lists, barcode numbers, password, etc.) will transfer automatically to new system

  • During the transition, it may take us a bit longer to process new items. There will be a short delay in the processing of new magazine issues. It may also take longer for your holds to arrive at your library.

  • The First Time You Use the New LINKcat... When library staff and customers begin to use the new LINKcat and checkout software, everyone will be learning something new. We ask for your patience during times when you may need to wait a few extra minutes. The first time you access the new LINKcat, you will need to use your full 14-digit library card number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to log in. After that you may change your password. Library staff will no longer be able to tell you your password, but can reset it for you. While the LINKcat web address will be the same – – your old links to LINKcat may not work. You may need to reset your bookmarks or favorites after the transition, and re-save your new login information.

  • Questions? Contact your local librarian. If library staff is unable to answer your question, they will refer you to someone who can.

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