Tuesday, September 7, 2010

35 years ago- Welcome Back Kotter

Thirty-five years ago on ABC, September 9, 1975 television viewers turned into Buchanan High School in Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, NY. Gabe Kotter played a high school teacher on “Welcome Back Kotter” as a former Sweathog teaching a new generation of Sweathogs. This was a group of supposedly, unteachable, under-achieving and incorrigible students. We have the first season on DVD here at the library which features the popular theme song “Welcome Back” written and recorded by former Lovin Spoonful frontman John Sebastian. Like many of the popular shows on the era, there was a spawning host of merchandising tie-ins including lunch boxes, dolls, comic books and even a board game. We have a collectors guide to television toys and memorabilia of the 60s and 70s by Greg Davis, so you can find out what your item might be worth today.

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