Monday, March 1, 2010

Silly Putty

Remember from your childhood, that rubber-like substance packaged in a plastic egg that can bounce, stretch and pick up pencil marks; it has amazed kids and adults for the past 60 years! Yet it was not intended to be a toy at all. Were it not for happenstance, Silly Putty would not exist. It was developed while trying to find a synthetic rubber for tires during WWII. It was launched to the public on March 1, 1950. The sixty-year-old popular toy has sold more then 300 million eggs. It even went to the Moon in 1968 with the Apollo 8 astronauts. Mark Rich’s “100 Greatest Baby Boomer Toys” is a great nostalgic book of toys and playthings from the baby boomer generation. This book is filled with photographs and text discussing the origins, value and history of more than 100-featured toys, including Silly Putty and Tinker Toys.

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