Monday, January 18, 2010

NFL Championship

The National Football League is now on the run toward the Super Bowl. We have many new books that have been added to the library this football season. One of the top stories of the season was Brett Favre ending up in Minnesota. That journey to purple is told in unbelievable drama and suspense in “Purple Reign” and for those people who don’t like Favre we have the new “I Love/I Hate Brett Favre”. This book is a unique flipbook format that balances both sides of the argument. Two new books filled with photos are “Tennessee’s Team” a pictorial history of the Tennessee Titans ten years in football. “Titletown’s Team” is a book that chronicles the ninety years of the Green Bay Packers. Other books that have been added are “Greatness” the rise of Tom Brady and “Dan Rooney” which is a compelling story of a NFL team owner. Our football section of books also includes yearbooks and team guides of the many different teams. We also have game highlights and team histories of most of the NFL teams, on DVD. There is still more football to be enjoyed this season.

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