Monday, November 30, 2009

Amazon Kindle

The big holiday item this year is the Amazon Kindle reader, even Sports Illustrator reader Peter King said “I peered over the shoulder of the woman in front of me for a minute and saw bright, easy-to-read type, and I thought of every bookshelf in our apartment being full, and I thought, “I
know exactly what I want for Christmas”. The Friends of the Library purchased a Kindle II for the library this summer. This e-book reader is much easier to read than the old e-book readers we had six or seven years ago. The screen is easy on the eyes and it is light to hold. (Much lighter than a hardcover book.) You can get a view of it and check it out for two weeks, filled with over twenty titles to enjoy. Reserve the kindle the next time you are in, as the waiting list is now into January. See what e-book readers are all about. Are they something you might like to own?

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