Tuesday, July 14, 2009

40 Years Ago- Man on the Moon

July 20, 1969 is the 40th anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin landed lunar module Eagle at 4:17 EDT and remained on the lunar surface 21 hours, 36 minutes and 16 seconds. This was almost science fiction at the time. We have a display of space books and videos at the library by the standup of Neil Armstrong. You may enjoy the new book Craig Nelson’s “Rocket Men” which is the epic story of the first men on the moon or Tanya Stone’s “Almost Astronauts”. This book tells the story of 13 women who underwent a battery of physical endurance tests and psychological analysis to determine their readiness to travel in space during early 1960s. Discover the long road home from the moon in Buzz Aldrin’s “Magnificent Desolation”. His second memoir describes what he saw, how he felt in space and his difficult years following the moon landing.

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