Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Audio Book Month

June has been designated National Audio Book Month. Whether listening while traveling on vacation, relaxing at the beach, or sitting in a deck chair in the yard or patio, audio books are a delightful way to catch up on your summer reading. More than 23 million Americans enjoy audio books and listen whenever their eyes are busy but their brains are free to learn or be entertained. They listen to a wide range of formats, from the still present cassette to CDs, MP3 CDs, memory cards and self-playing digital audio books (Playaways), as well as downloading to an iPods or other digital music players, mobile phones, personal organizers and even GPS receivers. As cassettes decline, one format that is experiencing explosive growth is downloadable audio. What's more, interest in this format and technology is actually bringing new listeners to the audio book experience. Libraries are getting into downloading, too. We offer patrons the option of downloading directly from our web site to their home computer and we also offer pre-loaded digital players (Playaways) for borrowing. If you are interested in learning more about downloadable audio books either call us here at the library or use the link on our home page. (www.reedsburglibrary.org) After you enjoy listening to your favorite audio book this summer, fill out an entry form in our Adult Summer Reading Program. Just fill in the title for a book that you have listened to or read and enter to win prizes. If you listen or read 5 books you will win a recyclable book or shopping bag. (While supplies last.)

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