Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Butterfest Week

It's Butterfest week here in Reedsburg. The history of Reedsburg butter dates back to 1887, when the Prairie du Sac Creamery purchased land to build a creamery here in Reedsburg. The story of butter in Reedsburg is interesting. Did you know in 1895 the dairy was making a total of 40,000 pounds of butter? After a fire destroyed the creamery a plant was built across from the depot at South Park and Railroad Streets. It became one of the largest and best arranged in the state. In 1902 it had 120 regular patrons who delivered their milk daily to the Reedsburg Creamery. Their total output that year was 300,000 pounds of butter. This plant became a Dolly Madison and also produced ice cream and bottled milk. Butter was also produced on South Pine Street at the Nestle Building now the Foremost Farms Plant. This is where 50 million pounds a butter a year were produced in the early seventies and the reason that each year we celebrate Butterfest. Today it is the only plant within the Foremost Farms Company that makes butter. The library's local history files include a folder of articles on Reedsburg's rich history with butter. Don't forget Father's know best this Father's Day Weekend.

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