Monday, May 18, 2009

Memorial Day

The true impact of war is often lost in the numbers. It is only when a human face is introduced that we fully understand what it means to go to war. This weekend our country memorializes its war heroes and we have books that help humanize the war experience in a powerful way. A new book we have is the “World War II- Definitive Visual History” which leads the reader on a chronological journey through the war. An oversized book filled with hundreds of photographs, graphics and maps.
A new DVD we just added is “Remembering Vietnam- the Wall @ 25” which tells the story of its unlikely beginnings to its current status as most visited monument in Washington. Drawing millions each year to grieve, pay tribute or heal old wounds. Many leave personal tokens and mementos as offerings. This DVD also looks at a group from Wisconsin who left an motorcycle they made at the memorial.

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