Thursday, March 19, 2009

5 Ways to Save Money and Use Your Library

It’s time during this economic mess to make good use of your local library. Here are five ways to save some money and enrich yourself or your family.

1) Try books before you buy them: If the shelves and baskets of books around your house are any indication you love buying books. Make sure a book is one that you or your kids will read more than once, by checking it out at the library first. Visit your library once a week or more to refresh your stock.

2) Check out DVDs, too: Libraries aren't all about books. Our good public library system is also going to be stocked with movies. You can check these out for free, and, although you sometimes have to wait for titles, you can also keep them longer than three nights. Think of what you'll save on late fees and club fees.

3) Sample music for free: Though there will be a wait for popular new music, we have albums that you can listen to before you buy. If you wanted to, you could listen to your favorite artist, learn about their lives and even check out their concert appearances. We have many concerts on DVD; look for the yellow music sticker.

4) Attend the free cultural events: We have storytimes, adult cultural programs and other family events that you might have to pay for elsewhere.

5) Go hog wild with audio books: Audio books are one of the favorite things at the library; these are really expensive to buy. The selection at many subscription download sites isn’t good in all types of books. But we have stock in abundance, making it easy to keep you and your kids occupied during road trips long and short, or while you are working out. We even have one really cool service, that lets you check out audio books directly to your home computer. You don’t even have to get out of your seat to download great entertainment.

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