Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl XLIII will be played in Tampa, Florida on Feb 1. The quintessential American sports extravaganza not only celebrates the nation’s finest pro football teams but also has morphed into an unparalleled commercial and cultural touchstone, with its celebrity watching and compelling television advertising.
Ken Leiker and Craig Ellenport have edited “The Super Bowl: An Official Retrospective” a pictorially rich history of the game in all its aspects, featuring an informative running text and six longer essays by men who’ve won the “Big One”: Bart Starr, Phil Simms, Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady, Doug Williams and Roger Staubach. The mostly color photos capture the Super Bowl’s storied players, coaches and key moments. A great addition to this book is the DVD, “In Their Own Words”.
On display this week in our DVD collection is the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series “America’s Game: The Super Bowl Champions”, this forty part series profiles every Super Bowl winner using first-person accounts to tell the story of each championship team. Each episode takes the viewer inside the locker room of each winner, featuring never before told, behind the scenes stories from the participants. A “Who’s Who” of Hollywood stars lent their voices to this series, serving as narrators for various episodes. Alec Baldwin, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, Martin Sheen and Bruce Willis all can be heard on America's Game

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