Monday, September 22, 2008

Last Game @ Yankee Stadium

Now that the last game was held in historic Yankee Stadium, the Yankees have left the field, fans have filed out and the lights have faded. A New Yankee Stadium will open next season, but now you can recount the story of this extraordinary landmark with the new book “Yankee Stadium: Official Retrospective”. This book will take you from the field to the dugout, from the press box to the clubhouse, from George’s office to Monument Park. Every corner of the stadium is revealed. Yankee Stadium is more than a ballpark; learn more about the iconic moments in history that have taken place within its walls with this new book.
To get more into the stadium’s past, try the new DVD “Yankee Stadium” Baseball Cathedral. You will love this two disc set with more then two hours of history about the stadium with commentary by everyone from George Bush to Aaron Boone. We also have the mini-series “The Bronx is Burning” which is based on the best-selling novel. Relieve this inspiring story of 1977 in New York. Did you know that Babe Ruth christened Yankee Stadium with a game-winning three run homer into the right field bleachers. Yankee Stadium opened as, the House that Ruth built, eighty-five years ago this past April 18th.

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