Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Abraham Lincoln- Stephen Douglas

One Hundred and fifty years ago:

August 21-October 15, 1858 at Ottawa, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln began a series of debates with Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas that would propel him to national notoriety. The seven spirited public debates throughout the state of Illinois wrestled questions of slavery in US territories. Douglas won re-election, but Lincoln gained eloquence to be chosen Republican Party’s candidate in the 1860 election. Allen Guelzo’s new book “Lincoln and Douglas” gives us an astute, gracefully written account of the celebrated debates of 1858. Many of the locations of the debates are remembered with plaques and statues that will help with your Lincoln journey. Don Davenport’s “In Lincoln’s Footsteps” a historical guide to the Lincoln sties in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, will help you find your way.

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