Thursday, June 12, 2008

45 Years Ago Today- Medgar Evers.

It was 45 years ago today Medgar Evers was assassinated outside his Jackson home just hours after leaving the Coast, and soon after, President Kennedy gave a televised speech on civil rights.
Evers, the field agent for the Mississippi NAACP, was on the Coast a day earlier, planning a wade-in with Dr. Gilbert Mason for June 16, 1963. They hoped the protest would lead to blacks being allowed access to Mississippi's public beaches.

Evers was shot shortly after midnight on June 12 as he got out of his car and dragged himself to the back door of his home, where he died in front of his wife and three children.

We have the "Autobiography of Medgar Evers" a hero's life and legacy revealed through his writings, letters and speeches. It is located at 921 Evers. Learn more about the murder, trials and affect on the south in "Ghosts of Mississippi" by Maryanne Vollers. There also the film of the same name which featured Whoopi Goldberg as his wife as she worked for 30 years for the conviction of his assassin.

He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery- Arlington, VA
I have been here in 1996,1997, 1999.

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